Hi I'm Connor and I like pizza and bands and Jack Daniels.
Artist: UnknownThe Strokes
Title: UnknownHard to Explain
Album: UnknownIs This It
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chocolate cereal that doesn’t make your milk chocolatey will be the pinnacle of modern science

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Artist: UnknownDeath Grips
Title: UnknownI Want it I Need it (Death Heated)
Album: UnknownExmilitary
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i’ve got a job interview with RBS tomorrow and it’s only temporary but it’s like £550 a week please let me get this Jesus.

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"When I look back at the past and think of all the time I squandered in error and idleness, lacking the knowledge I needed to live; when I think of how I sinned against my heart and my soul, then my heart bleeds. Life is a gift, life is happiness … Every minute could have been an eternity of happiness! If youth only knew. Now my life will change, now I will be reborn."

"LSD was an incredible experience. Not that I’m recommending it for anybody else; but for me it kind of – it hammered home to me that reality was not a fixed thing. That the reality that we saw about us every day was one reality, and a valid one – but that there were others, different perspectives where different things have meaning that were just as valid. That had a profound effect on me."

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Artist: UnknownIan Dury
Title: UnknownSex & drugs & rock 'n' roll
Album: Unknown
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